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      How the Wired Weep

Ed is a detective who recruits informants. He recruits Ben, a young man who is treading a dangerous path into the criminal underworld.


The two men must find a way to work together while each of them has a dangerous and challenging agenda.


Together they enter the world of Troy, a ruthless and brutal leader of an Organised Criminal Network.


Ben is torn between two worlds as he tries to walk the impossible line between the criminal underworld and being an informant. He lives in fear of discovery by both sides.


Set against the backdrop of London, How the Wired Weep is a fast paced dose of contemporary urban fiction where time is against both men to disrupt Troy’s network and prevent the spread of violence. 


Russell Day - Author


How the Wired Weep is everything I've come to expect from Ian Patrick. A compelling read from start to finish.

Ian Patrick has a talent for putting his readers inside the minds of hardened criminals and police officers alike. He writes with vivid colours about the grey worlds between right and wrong.