Batford's Back!           Fools Gold.

Detective Sergeant Sam Batford returns in the 3rd book of the critically acclaimed series by Ian Patrick.

Sam finds himself once again under the steely eye of the newly promoted Detective Superintendent Klara Winter as he goes deep undercover on a London council estate.

A gang of armed robbers are running riot across the city and Sam must infiltrate the gang, win their trust and gather the evidence his colleagues in The Met need to get them convicted and off the capital’s streets for good.

Old habits die hard though and Batford is soon juggling lies within lies as he tries to bring the gang to justice, make sure that his own interests are served, and stay one step ahead of DI Winter who is more convinced than ever that Sam is a bad apple who must himself be brought to justice – if only she could find a way to prove it.


Russell Day - Author


How the Wired Weep is everything I've come to expect from Ian Patrick. A compelling read from start to finish.

Ian Patrick has a talent for putting his readers inside the minds of hardened criminals and police officers alike. He writes with vivid colours about the grey worlds between right and wrong.